HiWis / Student assistance

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We usually have a large number of HiWi positions available at CARL. HiWi jobs give you an insight into current research, allow you to apply existing expertise or learn new subject areas, and are very good preparation for bachelor's and master's theses. The fields of activity include:

  • Support in the chemistry laboratory (carrying out measurements on material samples, analytics, chemical analyses and so on)
  • Support in the field of electrical test systems or environmental simulation
  • Development and construction of electronic circuits or test benches
  • Data acquisition, data preparation and data evaluation
  • Programming work in various high-level languages
  • Support in website maintenance and other web applications
  • Support in the area of administration (controlling, accounting, secretariat, event management and so on)
  • Support in teaching (for example small group exercises), possibly also suitable to be recognised as an achievement in the curriculum

The scope of a HiWi position is usually 8 to 10 hours/week. For teaching tasks, it can also be less. In exceptional cases, positions of up to 19 hours/week are possible. Payment is based on fixed hourly rates, which are set by the university and depend on the degree achieved.

Open HiWi positions can be found here.

If you are interested in one of these HiWi positions or in general, please write to . Please make clear in which subject area(s) you would like to work, what previous knowledge you have in this or other areas and send a CV.