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Doing a doctorate at CARL has two dimensions: Employment and the doctoral process.

At CARL, there are several options for writing a doctoral thesis:

  • With an employment contract for typically 5 years as a research assistant. The prerequisite for this is that we have acquired suitable third-party projects in terms of content that enable us to finance the positions.
  • With a scholarship from an external scholarship provider. Scholarships must be applied for individually and personally. Scholarships are offered, for example, by state organisations in the home country, the EU or also various German scholarship organisations. RWTH Aachen University itself does not offer any doctoral scholarships. We support the application process with the promise of supervision and the provision of laboratory and office capacity if the topics fit the core objectives and projects of CARL.
  • Work and research at CARL as part of a PhD at another university or institute. The employment contract remains with this home institution, but a substantial part of the doctoral period (usually at least half a year) can be spent at CARL ("sandwich doctorate"). Again, this requires that the topic fits the goals of CARL and that integration into CARL projects is possible.

There are no tuition fees for doctoral students at RWTH. Small fees are due when registering as a student for the semester ticket and social contributions.

The actual doctoral procedure is in the hands of the faculty at which the doctorate is to be awarded. This is usually the faculty of the main supervisor ("Doktorvater / Doktormutter") of the dissertation. There are various options for supervision:

  • Doctorate at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at RWTH Aachen University with Prof. Sauer, Prof. De Doncker or Prof. Figgemeier to the degree of Dr.-Ing. or Dr. rer.nat. Doctoral candidates who have not studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology may have to pass two to four supplementary subjects before taking the doctoral examination. The doctoral regulations of the faculty can be found on this page.
  • Doctorate at other faculties of the RWTH through partner chairs of CARL (e.g. Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Economic Sciences).
  • Doctorate at a faculty outside the RWTH. This requires cooperation with a corresponding chair.

The possibilities and challenges will be discussed before starting a doctorate at CARL. Doctoral students at RWTH Aachen University participate in the Center for Doctoral Studies (CDS).

If you are interested in a doctoral position at CARL, please send an expressive and informative application to . Open positions can be find here.

Applications for scholarships can be made to the following organisations in Germany, for example:

  • Villigst Student Union
  • German Research Foundation DFG
  • Studienstiftung

The application for scholarships is in the hands of the applicants. We can support the application with a letter of support if necessary. This requires a detailed agreement on the content of the planned doctoral topic.

For applicants from outside Germany, there are usually a number of scholarship opportunities in their home countries. However, we cannot provide any information about these.