Hydrogen as the future of heavy-duty drives?


This is the question we are addressing in the Hy-FCD research project (Heavy-Duty Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drives, FKZ 03EN5027A-I).

We discussed the current research results at the first consortium meeting at @CWD in Aachen. The prototype of a heavy-duty powertrain with a hybrid battery and fuel cell drive will be tested on the 1 MW stress test bench at the MSE Testing Center as part of the project. Together we were able to visit the test bench as well as the test halls of CWD. We are looking forward to further exciting collaboration with @Terex, @PTEC, @ISEA, @irt, IEK-3 as well as @IKAT!

The project will develop and integrate the drive for a material handling machine using modern product development methods of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Using an MBSE system model, the technical (robustness, dynamics, safety, operational management) and economic (life cycle costs, environmental dynamics) aspects of the drive are evaluated, linked and optimized with models during the development of the working machine. Finally, a prototype of the machine is created and tested on the 1 MW test bench and FutureSite at MSE.

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