PhD presentation Hannes Kühnle

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023
09:00 a.m. [Time zone Berlin], Dipl.-Ing. Hannes Kühnle
"Optical and electrochemical investigations of fundamental lithium metal deposition processes on lithium surfaces" (presentation language: English)

Lithium-ion batteries are intensely researched energy storage systems with near-optimal performance. However, a growing demand for greater energy densities requires to investigate next-generation electrode materials. Lithium (Li-) metal is a promising electrode material due to its significantly higher energy density compared to graphite anodes. However, challenges such as low Coulombic efficiency and dendrite formation hinder the commercialization of Li-metal batteries.
In this work, an in-situ cell setup was developed to study the behavior of Li-metal deposition on Li surfaces. The relationship between the deposition behavior and factors such as electrode aging, initial metal-electrolyte contact time, and current densities was investigated. The optical and electrochemical results were evaluated, discussed and put into context. Furthermore, the recorded image data were processed by manual and computer-based image evaluation approaches to identify and quantify characteristic Li-deposition parameters.