Picture of a programing software Copyright: © Mario Irrmischer

A number of software tools have been developed as part of the work at CARL. The software is made available to the general public through open-source projects. One focus of these projects is the modelling and prediction of the behaviour of electrical circuits and batteries over their lifetime.

Currently available software can be found on the GIT server.

Publications on the software tools can be found below.


Physikalisch-Chemisch Motiviertes Impedanzmodel / Physico-chemically motivated impedance model. Source: H. Witzenhausen, „Elektrische Batteriespeichermodelle : Modellbildung, Parameteridentifikation und Modellreduktion.“ doi: 10.18154/RWTH-2017-03437


Thermisch-elektrische Simulation des Tesla Model S Moduls / Thermal-electrical simulation of Tesla Model S module. Source: F. Hust, „Physico-chemically motivated parameterization and modelling of real-time capable lithium-ion battery models : a case study on the Tesla Model S battery“, doi: 10.18154/RWTH-2019-00249