The processing and management of the data generated during research are a central aspect of the work at CARL. Curated research data is regularly made available in connection with publications. Researchers are welcome to use these data. Under the following links you can find an overview as well as individual data sets:

Enpolite – An overiew of battery ageing data sets


This dataset contains time series data (time, current, voltage, temperature) of a cyclic aging test of 48 lithium-ion battery cells. In the test, 48 cells of the same type with the same profile were aged under the same conditions. Prior to aging, initial performance was determined by a comprehensive begin-of-life (BOL) test. Periodically, aging reference parameter tests (RPT) were performed to determine the current performance of the cells. The cells used in this study are Sanyo/Panasonic UR18650E cylindrical cells, which are commercially available and produced in large quantities using an established manufacturing process. This type uses a carbon anode and NMC as the cathode material. The data set consists of two files. The file contains individual .csv files with the time series data for each cell tested. The Contents.pdf file contains information about the experimental setup, data, and license.