Incoming Scholars and visiting scientists

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We are pleased to welcome scientists from all over the world for research stays at CARL. These can be short-term stays of a few weeks to stays of a few months or even longer. It is important that the research interests and research work are in the area of CARL's core topics and that there is direct collaboration with the scientists at CARL. If you are interested in a stay at CARL, please apply at any time with the following documents:

  • a meaningful curriculum vitae
  • an exposé of about 3 pages on the research question and the planned duration of the stay
  • the experimental facilities you would like to use at CARL

Please send the document to . We would be pleased if this would result in longer-term collaborations and joint publications. Within 4 weeks we will review your proposal and provide feedback.

As a rule, we cannot cover the costs of travel, living expenses or rent for such research stays.