Joint research options

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CARL and the research at CARL are not ends in themselves. The core objective of all our activities is to enable a contribution to the technologies for a sustainable, efficient and CO2-free energy supply in all sectors. To this end, we provide concrete support to companies in the development and qualification of their products. Our goal is to accelerate the development of new materials, production processes, products and services and to shorten the time-to-market. To achieve this, we have extensive experimental and analytical laboratory equipment, modelling tools, diagnostic algorithms and powerful data analysis tools at our disposal, as well as the comprehensive expertise of the CARL staff and all our partners. There are a number of different models for collaboration, listed below, the elements of which can also be mixed. If you feel that none of the models fits your situation or issue, please feel free to contact us. We are flexible and also creative in finding suitable collaboration models. If you have any questions or research and development needs, please feel free to write to us at .

Direct order

You have a question, a problem or need development support. You can commission us or RWTH Aachen University at any time with a contract research or service agreement based on your specifications. Based on your specifications, we discuss possible ways to achieve your goals and prepare an offer. Such contracts can be concluded for individual laboratory measurements or long-term collaborations.

Joint research projects with public funding

The EU, the federal government, the state governments and various research funding agencies and foundations offer a comprehensive portfolio of funding opportunities. These include programmes that promote special battery technology or power electronics, programmes in which energy supply systems for different fields of application are funded, or programmes that provide funding specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises, short SMEs, for entrepreneurial development. There are funding formats in which bilateral projects between a company and us are possible, in which several national partners submit a project application together or in which several European partners work together. We are always monitoring the offers for funded projects and are happy to talk to you about the possibilities. Advantages of publicly funded projects are that R&D work in your company and ours can be co-financed to a considerable extent. Disadvantages are relatively long lead times until the start of the projects (usually not less than 9 months) and possibly larger consortia, which make the coordination of the work more complex and also require openness within the consortia.

Collaborative work at CARL

At CARL, we also offer the possibility of a temporary stay of staff members on site. This takes place within the framework of joint research and development projects based on direct assignments. This allows your employees to participate directly in the research and development work, including in the laboratories, to work very closely with our scientists or to further improve their education with a high degree of specialisation in battery technology or power electronics. Stringent data management means that your employees only have access to the data of their own project or to data or models that are accessible to the public anyway.